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Anger/Lower Vibrations

Tina Marie



Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I was working with a client that had anger issues towards a certain person.  While I was helping her my Guides showed me something!  You see I'm a visual person so when I do things I tend to see a lot. 🙂 

I was saying to her that every time you get angry at someone or something you are giving your power away... not only your power, but your energy.  As I said that I extended my hand out, and literally saw white energy leave my body!  I said, Wait!  Come back to me and it did!  

We all know that anger/lower vibrations aren't good for us, but sometimes we can't help it.  After all we are human and sometimes our human is having an experience. 🙂 If we could "see" what it does to us we would change it.  When I saw the energy leave and asked for it to come back, I also asked for it to be transmuted into love for me and that other person.  

This experience also taught me that I have the power to control my energy.  Where it goes and where it stays!  I know on some level we all know that, after all most if not all of us, are light workers.  🙂  Knowing something and actually experiencing it are two different things.  I love experiencing!

Also saying all the right words to people when we guide them doesn't always sink in, but if you can give them a visual it might just be the difference between learning or letting go of the lesson. 🙂 

I wanted to share this with all of you because it made a profound difference for me because I'm a visual person.  So if you're reading this try it and see if it doesn't make a difference for you!

Sending you all a Blessing of Pure Love, Joy and White LIGHT!

Tina 🙂

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