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Magical Andromeda Energy

I love when I draw something and then I forget it and find it months later! I drew this when I was basking in the Andromeda energy. This represents what we can learn from them! Their energy is all about Peace, Love and Joy! It made me smile and feel their love all over again! I hope it does the same for you.  

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Encouragement

Inspirational Insights

I saw a post today partly about Reiki about not conforming to the rules and following our own internal guidance and that sparked me to write this. Yes, I recently learned we are capable of so much more when we listen to ourselves and release others beliefs and or limitations on our self. Following our own internal guidance is key and to opening up to the power greater than ourselves to max capacity. I have always conformed and froze with inaction when I felt I couldn’t do things exactly as they


Jennifer in Inspirational Insights

self Healing

Self-Healing   I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A). in 2020. R.A. is a very painful and debilitating disease caused by an overactive immune system. I was put on the standard prescriptions. Prednisone and methyltrexate to control the lower my immune system and control the symptoms, I was told there is no cure., I was told to change my lifestyle and to eliminate stress. I did this for a year but my body not responding to the treatments. I was dive bombing into depression. And

Susan Carter

Susan Carter in Self Healing

Standing up for yourself

Hi Everyone! I wanted to talk to you today about standing up for yourself. Sometimes in life we feel that no matter what we say, or do no one will hear us, so we don't say anything at all. I'm a person that picks and chooses what I get upset about. Are you? Were there times in my life when I should have spoken up? Absolutely! Why didn't I? I guess when your a people pleaser going against someone is difficult. Why? Because they may not like you! Let's face it we all want to be liked and

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Encouragement

The Power Of Acceptance

After the energies of gratitude and abundance from last night's full moon, we turn today to move into a space of acceptance. One of my favourite quotes is "acceptance is the key to happiness." What does acceptance mean? Acceptance allows you to be a centred connection to the present moment and will enable you to better deal with situations in a calm and mindful way. We spend our lives searching for the key to happiness, but I have to tell you, and there is a spoiler alert her

Julian Jenkins

Julian Jenkins in Acceptance

10 Top Tarot Tips

Here are my ideas for starting out with tarot.  I love Tarot but I remember starting out being very overwhelmed with it. I would study my books every time I pulled a card. This made the process rather longwinded and made me more worried about trying to memorise all 78! Here are my top tips to make the process easier: Get a practise deck – My first deck was a traditional Ryder Waite deck. I chose this one as it is the most traditional deck and there is a lot of information to be foun


LynnH in Tarot

A Time For You

We are now entering a period of Mercury retrograde May 10 to June 2 and it is a great time to just take a step back not to rush and connect with our creative intuition. try to remain flexible, patient, and understanding, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing onto any new contracts that you’re unsure of. Double check your email responses and check in with reservations before you take that trip.   Review projects and plans at these times but wait until Mercury is direct again to m

Julian Jenkins

Julian Jenkins in self love

Business 101: The Mission Statement

A mission statement concisely explains why your business exists..  In a sentence or two, your mission statement describes your business purpose and function.  Your mission statement is the definition of your business and you, as its owner. What makes a good mission statement?  Here are some examples: Chewy.com  - To be the most trusted and convenient online destination for pet parents (and partners) everywhere. TED - Spread ideas. Brentwood Home - Do better.  Use more natural

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Business 101

Anger/Lower Vibrations

Hello Everyone! Yesterday I was working with a client that had anger issues towards a certain person.  While I was helping her my Guides showed me something!  You see I'm a visual person so when I do things I tend to see a lot. 🙂  I was saying to her that every time you get angry at someone or something you are giving your power away... not only your power, but your energy.  As I said that I extended my hand out, and literally saw white energy leave my body!  I said, Wait!  Come back

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Encouragement

A Humble Tribute

Mitzi, I miss you.  I miss your smile, your laughter, you insight, and your wisdom.  You were a breath of home for me.   You put your cards on the table.  You told it the way is was.   Finding you on the call was like getting a wonderful, but unexpected visit from a treasured great aunt.  One who made you laugh, but brought pearls of wisdom.  You were kindred spirit, a true joy to know.  You made such an impact.   I am truly honored to have known you. 

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Observations of Life

Life! Is your Human having an Experience?

Hi Everyone! Life happens, we know that because we live it.  Some of us live in the moment... some live in the past and others live in the future.  I'm living in the moment and "My Human is having an Experience".  The first time I heard that I thought what a great way to live!  A very wise woman (Christine Rogerson) told me that recently when I was going through something (still am).  I found it to be freeing!  I worked through my issues as a "Human" and then I went back to being the loving

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Encouragement

Energy , Energy everywhere

Hi all, I hope you are all well, Just recently I have seen a huge shift  in energy , some good , some not so .As an empath I sometimes get other people energy attaching to me and this is not good as it usually wears me down . Everything thing is energy , some times you can see it , just like auras and other times we can't , much like the wifi and radio signals , you know and trust they are there but you never see it. It seams that everyone is being affected by it so I thought I wo


Sheena74 in Energy


Hi Everyone!  Well life is always changing!  Change is always good, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it at the time.  Right now I'm going through some stuff and my guides ask me... "Tina what would you tell your clients?"  When I respond they say, "Exactly!"  It's always so much easier to help others because we see their situation much clearer than we do our own.  Why is that?  😐  Well I think because we let fear take over when we should find peace.  Recently I did just that.  I let fear

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Change

Angel Card for today

The card I pulled today 9 th of Sept 2021 was from Kyle Gray's angel guide oracle cards. The card was "Do the Work" ... What does this mean for me ........... Well it means I have to put the effort in ... I have to keep showing up for my spiritual practices, to shine my light in all the shadowy corners and face whatever is lurking there. As without my light ,how can I ever see through the shadows?  Julian said in circle last night , that we all need  to stop using our  spirit


Sheena74 in Inspiration

Free Udemy Course: Healing and Awakening the Heart Chakra

After talking with Julian and having his permission I am sharing with you a free coupon from my Udemy Course: Healing and Awakening the Heart Chakra - Energy Healing https://www.udemy.com/course/healing-and-awakening-the-heart-chakra-energy-healing/?couponCode=LOVEFREELY It's a course about the heart chakra, created with a lot of love, healing techniques and many insights for those who are looking for ways to heal. awaken and expand their heart chakra! It's a guide for indivi


Elena in Healing

Oracle Card: Community

My oracle card for today was the card of community.  I select my card-of-the-day with the help of my pendulum guide, Ceda.  Ceda lived on the island of Crete around 1,200 B.C. in the places, and did not survive a battle with the invading Sea People.  Ceda helps me find things.  I vacuumed-up a treasured necklace, which had belonged to a very dear relative.  After emptying the contents of the vacuum bag, I didn't find the necklace.  My husband suggested I consult my pendulum guide.  With Ced

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Life Lessons

Reverse Aging?

Hi Everyone!  As usual I have been busy learning as much as I can!  Recently I listened to  a seminar on how to reverse aging!  Now for those of you that don't know me I must admit that I have been learning that lesson my whole life... It all started when I was 13 years old.  I remember going to Florida on vacation and  when I went out to the pool there was this lady laying on a lounger.  She was tanning herself.   First I wondered why she was doing that because from what I could tell

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in Encouragement

Nature Lesson

Today, during the hottest part of the day, I decided to spend some time outside texting a friend who had been offline for a while.   I sat in the shade, but soon began to itch from the grass. I fetched a white matelasse bed cover, which I spread out on the offending grass, along with my sunscreen, hat, and tall glass of water.  As I ended my conversation with my friend, I noticed a single white clover flower.  It was all by itself in a patch of grass.  There it stood.  Proud, tall and alone.  

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Life Lessons

Sunday Unexpected

Yesterday was a day spent in nature.  In my front garden, I dug up the bits and pieces of ornamental grass that survived our unusually cold winter.  Cutting out the dead roots, I took great care to locate the earthworms burrowed among the intertwined roots.  I found an amazing number of them, from adults down to tiny, baby earthworms and re-homed them back into the garden to let them continue their work. As I was separating the roots, my husband suddenly stopped mowing and yelled my name.  

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Observations of Life

Glastonbury meet up Sat 14th August

Hi Everyone,    Wow what a year it has been, but like others, I have made some amazing friends, through Julians site.    There is a group of us, and fingers crossed Julian, meeting up in the square of Glastonbury on Saturday 14th August.  Its time and chance to see who we can face to face.   A walk up the Tor or around the grounds of the cathedral ruins, will also be organised.  Get in touch for the final details on here by messaging me,    Be love and give love.  


Carly in Glastonbury meet up

A Loss :(

Hello everyone!  Like Beverley I too have been away from the community for a while.  Not by choice, but due to circumstances not in my control... to a degree.  My dear friend passed away to due cancer.  We were blessed enough to be with his wife when it happened.  It was a peaceful passing for him.  We had the privilege of being there a couple of days earlier when he was coherent enough to make jokes and keep us laughing.  We told him to say hi to two other dear friends that passed in the last y

Tina Marie

Tina Marie in A loss

Having time to connect to oneself.

Hello everyone, firstly i would like to apologize for not being around for a while.  LIfe takes us on various paths,  some of our chosing and some of it not. I have been concentraing my time on a path I would rather not be taking but it has to be done,  and i am sure alot of you have been down this path , or travelling this path with me.  Family illness. It has  become a path i didn't think i would be taking for quite a few years yet but unfortunatly the universe has decided that it ne

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell in Putting Trust in Spirit

Legions of Animals

The following is a description of a meditation experience I had shortly after the unexpected death of a good friend. My clearing in the woods has a mature tree, which has stood there through the ages.  It has fallen limbs and gnarled branches, but the wisdom immigrating from the tree radiates.  The falling limbs form a seat for me, with my name carved, but barely legible, in the wood and bark.  My name has been there for ages, now weathered and beaten.  Waiting.   As I sit upon my seat

Holly Donath

Holly Donath in Meditation Experience

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    • Mary
      Thankyou for this wonderful message. So resonates with myself I to feel like I become stifled if i dont lead with my own intuition like im not being my true self if im following certain  rules etc. This was going through my mind this morning of what you have so beautifully and although i came across your post previous it has meant so much more today . Thankyou Jennifer.    
    • Nilia
      I'm so glad I met you today! Thanks for sharing your journey. Mine began in my mid-twenties with pain, not RA but OA. I do have fibromyalgia and it is totally stress-dependent. I also am a Reiki master, and I collect journals. Being pain-free takes so much strength to control, so much discipline, and you want to help others see what you can do, but sadly not everyone is at your spiritual level. You can offer advice and hope always. Continue to work on yourself, in the end, that in and of itself
    • Melissa Nimmo
      This is amazing, thank you. I’m slowly, slowly being guided by spirit to venture in to running my own business. I have absolutely no idea about business or how to do it. I’m simply following the signs and advice that comes my way. This was very timely. 
    • Nilia
      Thank you for the tips Lynn, I appreciate you taking the time to write all this!
    • Nilia
      I’m still in shock about Mitzi. She had told me she had plans for relocating and we wouldn’t be too far away. She was so gifted. Does anyone know what happened? I really miss her. Nilia
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