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Our community is here to help you help yourself along your spiritual pathway. We do this by bringing together like-minded souls within a spiritual space through love, experiences and support.

I have been blessed to be with spirit since I was 5 years of age and have had a very interesting and on times difficult spiritual journey. I know this journey can be lonely and very frustrating and from the outset may seem like a burden. I vowed when my father died in 2008 I would sit with spirit and understand how I can help other people take this perceived burden and turn it into a blessing. My guides told me to listen, learn and develop so that I could help people help themselves live a happy spiritual life with clarity and purpose. Teaching online has allowed me to start this mission and this community is the next step to achieving this. I am so proud to have over 13,000 students, with hundreds of emails and posts every day thanking me for the support, love and guidance I provide. I want this to continue and I believe we can all raise the vibration as a collective and not only make a difference to our lives but the lives of others. Join Me Today & let us spiritually grow together!
Our engaged spiritual community provides a comprehensive resource and guidance, which will allow you to develop to the best of your spiritual abilities.

Julian Jenkins

CEO & Founder

What We Do

Online courses, engaged community and one to one guidance in spiritualism and mediumship to develop your spiritual pathway.

Spiritual Courses

Accelerate your journey with online courses from the highest rate teachers, healers, and spiritual experts.

Development Circle

Develop your spiritual pathway and mediumship in a safe and sacred live spiritual event every week.

Engaged Community

Engage with other souls sharing love and life's experiences giving you clarity and purpose to achieve a spiritual connection.

Spiritual Forums

Forums to share experiences and engage in discussions with our community members towards a common goal.

Real Life Blogs

Inspirational blogs and life experiences to help you make a difference in your personal and spiritual life.

Spiritual Video & Audio

Guidance in spiritualism and mediumship from experts helping you to gain an understanding and develop.


Latest Courses

Walk through our highest-rated online video courses and starting learning how to truly understand your spiritual pathway and enhance your journey.

Intuitive Tarot: The Complete Tarot Card Reading Masterclass

Enhance Your Intuitive Psychic Mediumship Ability & Deliver Accurate Spiritual Tarot Card Readings.

Spiritual Healing Through The Divine Feminine And Masculine

This Spiritual Healing course brings together your divine soul into your relationships, twin flames and life.

Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual Development for Beginners

Learn core principles of spirituality and psychic mediumship development and enhance your spiritual journey.

Psychic Mediumship Development: How to activate your 3rd eye

Awaken your spirituality and 3rd eye allowing you to amplify your spiritual psychic mediumship development.

Psychic Mediumship: Spiritual Past Life Regression

Past Life Psychic Mediumship Regression lets us understand and heal the past to have clarity and happiness.

Evidential Spiritual Psychic Mediumship With Confidence

Learn to trust your spiritual psychic mediumship and enhance spirituality, psychic development with confidence.



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Some interesting reviews from our students who went along their spiritual journey in the quest to find inner-peace, love and purpose of life.